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Operation Executive (Cross Border Trade) Clearing and Forwarding This candidate has 10 years’ experience in Air Freight Import and Export Control with an extensive knowledge of the sectors documents, policies, and procedures, as well as Customs documents, policies, and procedures. She is competent in Microsoft Office and the industry computer applications. Her responsibilities cover planning and execution of all import and export control activities. She is a good communicator, committed to customer service, with a high work ethic, and focused on meeting deadlines. 21012
Air Freight Import Controller Clearing and Forwarding This candidate has 10 years’ experience as an Air Freight Import Controller, with a good knowledge of the sectors documentation, policies, and procedures, as well as customs documentation, policies, and procedures. During his time at his previous company he received extensive training in-house. He also has a good knowledge of the industries computer applications and is a regular user of Microsoft Office. He is a good communicator, and a team player who can also work independently. He understands the importance of customer service and always keeps them updated with the latest information on their cargo. 21014
Import And Export Coordinator
Clearing and Forwarding
This candidate has a BTech in Logistics and 3 years’ experience in import and export control. He is well presented and well spoken. In his current role he is conversant with clearing and forwarding policies and procedures, as well as sea, air and road freight documents, policies, and procedures. He is involved with procurement, warehousing, and stock management – from the import of raw materials to the export of final product. He has good knowledge of SAP and Microsoft Office.
Logistics Planning Clerk
Freight and Logistics
This candidate holds a BCom in Logistics Management which he completed in 2012. He has 18 months experience as an Exports Controller with his current company and an additional 6 years’ experience in the logistics sector. He is well spoken and has been described as a dedicated and loyal individual that contributed positively to the team. He has experience using JDEdwards, he is familiar with Compu-Clear, and is a regular user of Microsoft Office who considers himself at an intermediate level. 21022
Air Freight Import Controller.
Clearing and Forwarding
This candidate has an NQF Level 4 in Freight Forwarding & Customs Compliance, with four years’ experience in Air Freight Import Control. His experience includes investigating and selecting freight carriers and shipping routes aligned with customer needs. His responsibilities include managing administrative functions and supporting account needs, monitoring shipments, maintaining records, and collaborating with representatives of customs and other export authorities. He provides airfreight estimations, completing essential documentation and arranging for inbound and outbound parcels' transportation. He is familiar with Compu-Clear and Microsoft Office.
Shipping Coordinator
Clearing and Forwarding
This candidate has 7 years’ experience in imports and exports in road, sea, and air freight, and has gained an in-depth knowledge of industry policies and procedures, as well as knowledge of customs and cross border policies and procedures. She is currently studying BCOM Supply Chain Management, starting her second year in 2021, with an estimated completion in 2023. She describes herself as being deadline driven, giving attention to detail, and a team worker who enjoys mentoring others. She is familiar with Compu-Clear and Microsoft Office and is a regular user of Word and Excel.
HR Administrator
Human Resources
This candidate was in an operations role in previous companies, but her passion lies in Human Resources, which led her to get a BA and BA Honors in Psychology and Certificates in Managing Training & Development and Human Resources. She has 5 years’ experience in HR, starting as an HR Intern and becoming an HR Administrator. She is currently responsible for the day-to-day running and support services of the HR department. This has allowed her to gain knowledge and experience in multiple functions, including: Recruitment and selection process; Identifying skills development and training needs; Termination process and exit interviews; Communicating HR policies and procedures to managers and staff; Labour Relations process; BEE verification process; Workplace Skills Programs
HR Manager
Human Resources
Her references describe her as a very hardworking, loyal person, who sees difficult work situations as a challenge rather than a threat. She was described by them as being one of the first to start and not leaving before the work is done. She was always willing to go that extra mile to insure that her work is as close as it can get to being perfect. She is described as very good with people and is a highly service orientated person, but at the same time having the self confidence to stand up for herself in difficult situations. Her references said she was always ready to listen, to help and mentor others to also do their best. She is described as having good organizational, interpersonal and communication skills. Her references would recommend her as an asset for any business because she has a strong work ethic, does good work and is willing to help others. Her personal goals are to be a key person in the day to day functioning of a management team; to contribute towards the success of the company and strive to grow the footprint of that company in its sector; to add value to the management team as well as cost savings to the company and ultimately to customers.
Responsible Pharmacist Pharmaceutical
This candidate is a Pharmacist, registered with the SAPC. She has excellent academic qualifications, covering Pharmaceuticals; Production Management; Quality and QMS; GMP; Validation; Marketing; Regulatory; Food Safety; and Responsible Pharmacist. She has experience in selling capital equipment; selling endoscopy products; as a subject matter expert in endoscopic and conventional surgical products; as well as in gynaecology; urology and cardio thoracic surgery; training industry professionals with detailed attention to: upper and lower GI; male reproductive systems; female reproductive systems; cardiothoracic anatomy and basic surgical laparoscopic dexterity skills. She also has experience in clinical research, as a QA Pharmacist; Regulatory Pharmacist; and Responsible Pharmacist. She has effectively used her knowledge and experience to implement quality management systems; obtain MCC license renewals for her current employer; register her company for, and import, medical devices. She has outstanding interpersonal and communication skills and is extremely professional even under pressure situations. Being a self-motivated and results driven individual she can identify and resolve problems, set goals and manages processes to achieve results. She enjoys setting up and improving systems and thrives on challenges..
Production Pharmacist Pharmaceutical
This candidate has a Pharmacy Degree and is registered with the SAPC. She is responsible for the Production Facility tasked with ensuring the success of the production areas related to the dispensing of raw materials, the planning and production of large and small scale batch manufacturing, individual unit manufacturing, managing WIP stock effectively as well as all aspects that contribute to the overall success of the production facility.
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