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Has anyone ever loved a chatbot interaction? Like really loved it. Has anyone ever said, “OMG that was amazing service from an impersonal automated system… five stars all around! Wow!” (I’ll have what they're selling). If you really want to aggravate me, after the chatbot has failed, transfer my call to a live agent, and make me repeat everything all over again.

We'd much rather you phoned us directly, where one of our human agents will immediately engage with you. You can also drop us a message and we'll get back to you as fast as our little fingers can type.

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Samantha: 076 454 2938

Ian Timm: 071 895 1647

Office line: 087 150 5082

img quote marksThe art of effective listening is essential to clear communication, and clear communication is necessary to management success. James Cash Penney


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