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Traditional Recruitment

Our recruitment services include permanent and fixed term contract placements in various industries and sectors.

We offer a full range of recruitment, selection and placement services.

We will post your job vacancy on various recruitment portals, screen the CV responses, and match the right applicant to your specific requirements.
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Reference Checks

We offer reference checks based on a specific role, skill set and responsibilities.

On request we will verify an employees credentials, qualifications, credit or criminal record.
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Executive Recruitment

We can find the right executive candidate for you.

Our team can acquire the best caliber executives for you by searching in various industries and sectors and headhunting from specific companies.
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Human Resources

We can manage your Human Resources remotely, providing you with the expertise you need to be effective in developing your people, without the cost of a full time HR department.

These functions can include sourcing, recruiting, talent acquisition, on-boarding, training, legal expertise, administration of health benefits and payroll.

We can assist you to resolve industrial disputes, workers' grievances, disciplinary policies and practices, with the ultimate aim of nurturing and fostering good employer-employee relationships.
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Skills Development

We will help you to implement manage and develop vigorous training and development strategies so that your business can meet the challenges of fostering healthy, sustainable and balanced growth.

Your business' prosperity depends on the productivity of your employees, which in turn rests on the skills they have and how effectively those skills are used.

We partner with you to identify any skills gap, facilitate the transfer of essential skills, knowledge and expertise, to help you grow your business.

Continuous Improvement

We help you to find ways to eliminate wastefulness in your business processes.

Together we devise efficient ways to use materials, manpower, machinery, information, and energy to make a better product or service, improve quality and minimize costs.
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Our Services.