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We don't think of ourselves as a typical recruitment company. That's because we have over 50 years experience managing staff ourselves and have walked in your shoes. We know the demands of recruiting the right people.



Samantha has a passion for the freight, clearing & forwarding and shipping industry. She has worked for some of the top companies in South Africa. During her time in the industry she developed extensive contacts and an in-depth knowledge. Some 15 years later, these contacts come to her first when they are looking to recruit.

Samantha also has a passion for people. This led her to move into Human Resources and recruitment. It was in these roles that she learned how to match talented people to a company's needs, strategies and culture, and how to manage human resources effectively.

Combining both her passions, she started Intelligent Talent Solutions to provide her clients in the logistics, supply chain, distribution and financial sectors with the most talented people available.



Ian has over 25 years, experience working for local and global leaders in the pharmaceutical, food and FMCG sectors, managing their production, quality, supply chain and engineering operations.

When he realized that he has a talent for identifying processes that could be improved he decided to open his own consulting company. For over 10 years he advised top companies how to improve their productivity and through-put, on-time performance, quality management systems and supply chain.

QuotesBe the change that you wish to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi

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About Us.